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Progress Towards a Sovereign ESG 2.0 Framework - An Update
Progress Towards a Sovereign ESG 2.0 Framework - An Update

This past summer, I launched Teal Insights, a research consulting firm focusing on uncovering actionable insights relevant to emerging markets, sovereign debt, and sustainability. It has been a pleasure working with the Emso Asset Management team to assess and continue to enhance their approach to Sovereign ESG in emerging markets. This publication benchmarked their approach to Sovereign ESG against best practices I helped formulate at the World Bank. It also outlined areas for growth going forward. Teal Insights is working with Emso Asset Management on an ongoing basis on projects related to sustainable finance in emerging markets sovereign fixed income. The partnership aims to cut through the wishful thinking and hype that currently dominate discussions of ESG to provide reality-based insights and investment practices.

Teal Emery

Teal Emery

Independent Research Analyst


Teal Emery is an independent research analyst who uses modern data science tools to uncover actionable insights relevant to policymaking, financial markets, and business.

He worked for seven years as an emerging markets investment research analyst for Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM). He traveled regularly to Africa, the Middle East, and across the developing world to meet with economic policymakers, business people, and civil society. He has a strong interest in sustainability issues and created MSIM’s first sovereign ESG framework.

Over time, he increasingly moved towards a data science approach (using R and Python) to economic and financial analysis. In 2020, he left Morgan Stanley and began working as a consultant to the World Bank on analysis and thought leadership related to aligning sovereign debt investing with sustainability goals. Currently, he is building up his private sector consulting practice, and working to expand his toolkit for extracting insights from messy and unstructured data, such as text & spatial data.

  • Sustainable finance in sovereign debt markets
  • International political economy & policymaking
  • Reproducible research
  • Creating data science tools that help domain experts do their jobs better
  • Certificate in Data Science, 2019

    General Assembly

  • M.I.A in International Finance & Economic Policy, 2013

    Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)

  • BA in Political Economy & Latin American Studies, 2006

    Hampshire College